What are the Differences Between Screenwriting and Script Writing

What are the Differences Between Screenwriting and Script Writing

Screenwriting and scriptwriting are very commonly thought of as the same thing, but there are nuances between them. In simplistic terms one is only for cinema and the other for everything else. This is quite true, but there are several differences that also separate the art of screenwriting and scriptwriting and this blog will help you to understand a little better.


Scriptwriting is where a writer puts together the content that will be used in all manner of live or recorded presentations. It could be the dialogue for a chat show, of the narrative used in a news broadcast. One might call writing the script for a movie as scriptwriting, but such a script usually is for multiple characters. This type of writing does not encompass the visuals of a movie or a TV show. Scriptwriting is all about what is being said on a film or a set, what the content of the actor’s relays.


As the title might suggest this sort of writing is for a script, but will only be used in filmmaking. It is used. Its content provides what is being seen and will act as a complement what the actors are saying or doing. It could be to describe dramatic scenes and external components that make up the film, like setting the scene for a set, or the movements that are taking place.

Primary Difference

The real primary difference between scriptwriting and screenwriting is what the writing’s function is. A script is normally what the actors or broadcasters are saying, it is totally concerned with dialogue, also it has little to do with stage direction or setting the scene in some description. The real focus here is relaying a story, and the words behind that. Sound effects or lighting instruction have little to do with scriptwriting. Anything that is not directly concerned with the actors is omitted. However, the screenwriter has to inform everything else that is going on that was omitted from the script. Probably the director will find this more useful than one of the actors, although a screenplay would be extremely useful also. A screenplay written by a screenwriter relays all the various parts of the filming that are outside of the actor’s remit. For example, these could also include things like camera angles and special effects.

Writing for TV vs Writing for Film

Scriptwriting for movies and television are different types of writing simply because the directors of both genres are quite different is respect what they require.When a feature film producer or director reads a script, they are looking for something that is unique a novel. TV producers do not have this sort of luxury they need to tell a believable story and not something wild and imaginative as the TV audience is very different to that of moviegoers, and they have to adhere to the television networks screening policies.

Both a screenwriter and a scriptwriter have to be highly skilful writers, possibly more so a scriptwriter. But in the world of film in particular one cannot really exist without the other.