Today’s Best Writer/Directors

Today’s Best Writer/Directors

In order to make a good film you need lots of well-oiled components from great sets or locations to stunning costume, and of course stellar acting. Yet at the heart of a good film are two ingredients great writing and great directing. Whether you have amateurs or pros on screen the script is what makes the story gripping, and if you have no talent for direction the way you portray that script on camera will drastically affect how the audience takes to it. Thus, these two key elements are vital in creating a great film, some lucky people have both of these skills up their sleeves, but not nearly as many as you think. Having the imagination to craft a great story and having mastery behind the lens are two different disciplines entirely, but these few are some of today’s best.

Coen Brothers

Okay so not really a single person, which just goes to show just how demanding writing and directing are, these two have an almost symbiotic relationship. Writing together and directing together they have created some great features in their career with their peculiar sense of humour making its way into most. From westerns to suburban thrillers and comedies, the Coens have crafted their own style and are heavily sought after in the industry.

Jeff Nichols

Maybe the lesser known on the list, yet despite this the promise that Nichols has in both his screenwriting and directing lets him stand high above the rest. Known to work regularly with impressive drama actor Michael Shannon, Nichols has proved capable of creating rich stories in different environments. His psychological thriller Take Shelter deals with psychosis while Midnight Special shows an intimate sci-fi that goes in a different direction. Keep an eye out for more by this future award winner.

Quentin Tarantino

Constantly making the lists a visionary director, Tarantino has created an impressive name for himself despite his feature filmography barely making it to double digits. Known to work with some of the best names in the industry, acting veterans like Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Uma Thurman have turned up for more than one role in his action packed, well executed tales of violence. Tarantino is a huge fan of film, which shows in the way he directs and how he pays homage to a genre often, his recognisable films are impressively thought out alone and shot equally as well.

M Night Shyamalan

Though many people oddly brush away this industry changing filmmaker thanks to a slew of jokes sent in his direction over the years, Shyamalan remains one of the most imaginative and unpredictable writer/directors of today. From creating the dictionary definition of a ‘twist’ thanks to his 1999 success ‘The Sixth Sense’, he has since mastered the art of creating inventive and unexpected horror movies. As if his horror streak wasn’t impressive enough his thrillers also get deep. Recently he shocked audiences everywhere when he managed to turn a twenty-year-old film into an impressive trilogy, making one of the most unconventional super hero titles in modern times. Shyamalan does masterful work on the page and viewers will know doubt recognise some of his signature shots in his ever-growing catalogue.