The World’s Best Film Awards

There is hardly anything more glamorous than a film festival, and some of the award ceremonies around the world certainly capture the attention of the world media. Hard work should be appreciated, and the film industry is no different than any other in that respect. There are many film award nights that are held annually right across the globe, some small in scale and others as opulent as you can possibly get. In this blog we look at some of the best film award ceremonies that can be seen today.

Academy Awards

There is no bigger occasion to celebrate cinema than the Academy Awards which of course is more commonly known as The Oscars. It is the film industry’s version of the Nobel Prize and is watched live by millions of viewers. It started back in 1929 and has continued to celebrate all aspects of cinema ever since. Obviously, the glamour of Hollywood has illuminated this red-carpet event, and the biggest celebrities of the big screen fight to attend the Academy Awards each and every year.

BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Art (BAFTA) has been holding an awards ceremony since 1947 in England. In 1976 there was a massive merger with the Guild of Television Directors and Producers which makes these awards grander and more prestigious. There are over six thousand, five hundred members of BAFTA worldwide and the actual award is a mask that was designed by world renowned sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe. Obviously, these awards are mostly to celebrate and award British achievement, but there are also world awards as well.

Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Awards is an American award ceremony that is held annually. They recognize both film and TV achievements and the ceremony started back in 1944 at Fox Studios. Normally the judges are drawn from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the award ceremony is beamed to over one hundred and fifty countries worldwide.

Palme D’Or Festival De Cannes

If you want an exotic location for a film festival and awards celebration then the French Riviera must be one of the coolest locations. The Palme D’or Awards was first held in 1955 and is one of the oldest film award ceremonies in the world today. Each year people gather from all four corners of the world to attend this most prestigious event, and rub shoulders of the who’s who in cinema. The organization is by the Festival International du Film de Cannes and unlike many film award ceremonies the occasion is also a film festival which also adds to the sense of importance.

The highest award at this ceremony is for the best film of the year, which differs slightly from other film awards where the highest award is often awarded to the best actor or top director. This award is really worth winning as the statue is made of 24 carat gold which is contained in exquisite hand-crafted Moroccan leather. Film awards and ceremonies are some of the glitziest occasions on the world calendar, and the award ceremonies we have mentioned in this blog are the most elite of their kind. So, roll out the red carpet and give your appreciation for these great events.