The Most Unusual Film Festivals

The Most Unusual Film Festivals

When people talk about film festivals then certain images come straight to mind such as beautiful Cannes or Sundance, perhaps even short film festivals for animation etc. But film festivals come in all shapes and sizes, and there are some so specialized that you probably have never heard of them. Really these festivals are more to do with art than film, if there is a differential between the two forms, and exemplify the role of art in movie making.

Don’t expect red carpets or the paparazzi, but they serve the same purpose as the well-known film festivals in that they celebrate talent and creativity. In this blog we look at some of the more eclectic and unique film celebrations.

Puppets on Film

This festival had to be located in New York, in collaboration with one of the famous puppeteers of all time Jim Henson. Puppets on Film celebrates the artistry and roles of puppets in film.

Previous Puppets on Film festivals have shown short films, documentaries and kids films, highlighting the new and classic. Movie blockbusters, such as Return of the Jedi, The Thing, Little Shop of Horrors, and Muppets Most Wanted have all been previously featured. One festival highlight was in 2013, when Rick Moranis opened the festival by singing along with a giant Audrey II puppet to wide acclaim.

International Docaviv Festival

If you happen to be into documentaries, then this festival in Tel Aviv is right up your street. One of the beauties of the International Docaviv Festival is the possible interactive backstage activities open to the audience.

These have included a masterclass with Ondi Timoner the American filmmaker, and a great question and answer session with Nikolaus Geyrhalter, the extremely talented Australian filmmaker. The quote from festival organizer Sinai Abt rather summed this festival up when asked about documentaries, I think they are important because they change the mentality, they change the way people think.

Film Food Festival

Film Food Festival

Film Food Festival

What a wonderful concept, moving around different cities and countries of the world over the past decade has been the Film Food Festival, in which the organizers celebrate the food that has made it onto the big screen.

Recently a showing of Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain, featured the audience being served, steak sandwiches, craft beer and ice cream. Almost everything that was seen on the screen in terms of food was available to the audience. The array of awards is also quite out left field such as, the Best Porn Movie Food Film, to the Best Movie that Featured Food.

London Dance Film Festivals

The London Dance Film Festival as you would expect is a celebration of dance in film. The three-day festival features over one hundred films some being premiers and other classic musicals. Early examples of dance films are also included in this great celebration, and in the 2016 festival there were showings of, Singing in the Rain, 42nd Street, and Fame. The films are also accompanied by dance workshops and documentaries of film industry dance projects to come. Awards are also on offer for categories, such as the Best Screen Choreography, Best Dance Documentary and Best Dance Animation.

If you have a certain genre of film that you love, you should check out the internet to see if there is a festival celebrating it somewhere in the world.