The Best Short Film Festivals – Part 2

The concluding part of the best short film festivals around the world takes us to Greece, Germany and the UK among others. Some of these festivals are among the very oldest across the globe and many are highly respected and accredited. We start our exploration in one of the most ancient places on the planet, Athens.

Athens Video Art Festivals – Greece

The Athens Video Art Festival is a celebration of digital and new media type of arts. It is a trifle ironic that in one of the world’s most ancient cities a festival of new film technologies that push the boundaries of the art should take place.

Athens Video Art Festivals – Greece

The festival is very much an international affair and its focus is to gather together experimental projects that highlight contemporary artists and their free expression. The festival also encourages the exchange of ideas and to foster interaction in showcasing new technical applications and various new creative forms. It also reflects upon how the urban landscape is perceived and its categories include, new media, experimental and animation.

The International Short Film Festival – Germany

The Oberhausen International Short Film Festival was founded back in 1954 which makes it one of the oldest short film festivals in Germany and for that matter, the world. It presents a well-respected and international platform for the short form of film. The genres of film shown here are quite unique and it very much concentrates on contemporary work especially experimental projects which are trying to develop new techniques and trends.

Bristol Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival – UK

A very long title for a short film festival, suffice to say it is one of Britain’s most prestigious short film festivals and allows a gateway into the world’s awards, including the European Film Awards, the Oscars, the Cartoon d’Or and the BAFTAs. It is the oldest and longest running animation and short film competition in Britain, it is one of the world’s best showcases for established filmmakers to show their art and animation talent.

K3 Short Film Festival – Austria

A short film festival that focuses both on the commercial side of film as well as the artistic. It celebrates a real and passionate love for short films and promotes discussion of how commercial and artistic film work can live in harmony simultaneously.The festival also focuses on the wide spectrum of today’s international short film producers across all platforms. It is not shy at showing both irritating and pleasurable work. Unusually it also highlights full length productions which can be either be animated or in documentary style.

Odense International Film Festival – Denmark

Last but no means least is the Odense International Film Festival, which first appeared in 1975 and is the Danes oldest film festival of any kind. This festival is renowned for its fierce competition program, but is responsible for showing both challenging and inspiring work. Films that are shown feature from all around the world and are truly international. The genres featured, animation, documentary and fiction narrative.The short film festivals that we have focused on are some of the very best of their genre, they promote the art of the short film and celebrate new technologies in the field.

Odense International Film Festival – Denmark