The Best Short Film Festivals – Part 1

The Best Short Film Festivals – Part 1

The age of the short film festival has been with us for decades but has never been as popular as it is today. The short film has gathered momentum as a valued piece of contemporary art and in some ways, differs greatly to an actual feature film.

The short film allows for more artistic expression, and sometimes does not require a cinema to be shown. There are literally dozens of short film festivals around the world from Columbia to South Africa with over forty in the USA alone. In this blog we explore the best short film festivals around the planet.

Curta Cinema – Brazil

Curta Cinema has been in existence since 1991 and showcases the best Brazilian short films every year. This Rio de Janeiro festival also focuses different nationality films. The festival’s main concern is to bring international producers and home grown talent together, with plenty of competitions and categories to be won. Curta Cinema also focuses on programs that highlight different genres and themes. The categories are: fiction narrative, animation, documentary and experimental.

Palm Springs – USA

This is the largest short film festival in North America, and is a recognized global festival of film. Each year nearly two thirds of the films showcased at Palm Springs Short Film Festival are brought by networks, agents or distributors.

Winners of the different categories at this prestigious festival go on to be Oscar nominations in the genres of animation, live action, documentary and fiction narrative. Since its inception, nearly one hundred films shown at Palm Springs have gone on for Oscar nomination.

Leuven – Belgium

The quaint town of Leuven in Belgium is famous for its university and the making of Stella Artois the popular beer. It is also home to a fabulous short film festival that has been in operation since 1995. The main focus of the festival is Flemish and European short films, that compete in a jury and audience type affair for prizes. Leuven also becomes a major meeting point for all sorts of international film representatives who are interested in animation, fiction narrative and documentary type films.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia – Japan

This is the most prestigious and largest short film festival in Asia, it is also recognized as an official Academy Award accredited festival. In fact, it is the only short film festival in Japan that has this distinction. The categories the festival has for Academy nominations are, experimental, documentary, fiction narrative and animation.

Aspen Shortfest – USA

This highly recognized film festival celebrates the art of the short film is all of its forms from comedy, dramatic, animation and documentary. It is particularly focused on the development of new and upcoming filmmakers. Aspen has a reputation for showcasing both international and shorts from America, and it has the ability to offer Oscar-qualifying competitions. The beauty of Aspen is a bonus for competitors and many exhibitors really want to attend.In part two of our investigation into the world’s best short film festivals our journey takes us to Greece, Germany and the UK among others. And focuses on some of the oldest film festivals in the world.