The Best Ever Film Directors – Part 2

The Best Ever Film Directors - Part 2

Following on from our first blog on the best ever film directors we continue our quest to highlight some of the most elite directors that have ever made movies. It is not difficult to comprehend that the director creates a piece of work by molding the actors into a certain mindset and capturing their ideas to bring out an original piece of film.

Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick is a highly interesting individual, by shunning the media and living as an almost recluse he has built a sort of mysterious aura around himself. His output could not be described as prolific having just made three films in thirty years, but what films they were. His debut movie was the highly successful Badlands that featured epic lyrical photography, then in 1999 he produced the classic war movie The Thin Red Line to much critical acclaim. Malick is generally revered as a master of the art of film making and is responsible for quality and not quantity.

Abbas Kiarostami

The first of our directors not from America, Abbas Kiarostami is a highly respected director from Iran. His films are almost documentary in style but he outlines highly controversial political commentary in nearly all his movies. His movies are a blend of documentary and drama, and he deliberately mixes both well-known actors with members of the public to produce a real-life type scenario. His recent movie was an in-car drama which provided cutting edge filming techniques along with exposing modern-day Tehran.

Errol Morris

Errol Morris is another documentary style director, he has been classed as the world’s greatest investigative film maker. His skill is at using almost forensic techniques to deliver commentary about the absurdities of normal life in modern America. Works such as The Thin Blue Line which tells the story of a grim killing of a cop, and Mr Death the autobiographical story of Fred Leuchter the famous American Holocaust writer that denied there were any gas chambers, shows the type of content that Morris is capable of delivering.

Hayao Miyazaki

Famous directors

Famous directors

So far, we have not touched on animation in our blog to find the world’s best film director but Hayao Miyazaki changes all that. This highly talented Japanese animator is one of the best of his kind, and his films have been breaking box office records in his home country for many years. His latest film Spirited Away is one of his greatest to date, and considering he is now in his sixties this is quite a feat. Each of his films comes from his vivid imagination and portray a fantasy world that is created from scratch to deliver a highly individual tale.

Most people consider Miyazaki’s films as pure children’s cinema, but they are far greater than that and have adult themes buried deep within them. Great fairy tale writers have had this skill for centuries and one could consider Hayao Miyazaki as a modern-day Hans Christian Andersen. In part three of our blog we conclude our look at the best film directors in the world by looking at the works of David Cronenberg and Terence Davies.