The Best Ever Film Directors – Part 1

The Best Ever Film Directors - Part 1

There is no doubting how important a director is to a film; the director is probably the most important component in the makeup of a production. The director has the ultimate say and control over the film including editing, so even if a big movie star thinks they are the most important part of the jigsaw they are completely wrong.

In this blog we will be looking at the best ever film directors the industry has ever seen, and from their films we can see their style and personality coming out in the movies that they have made. We start our movie exploration with the great David Lynch.

David Lynch

David Lynch is one of the most important directors of his generation, his film directing almost provides a portal into the subconscious. Many of his movies are quite eerie, and he has conjured up some fantastic tales such as Mulholland Drive and the wonderful Blue Velvet which in parts is quite frightening. David Lynch has the talent to turn a cracking yarn into something quite spooky and surreal, such as the introduction of dancing dwarves and the odd femme fatale. His imaginary places are not for living in but they are fabulous to visit occasionally.

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese pulls no punches in his film making, and his style of directing has influenced so many other directors around the world. His movies are mostly red-blooded and his characters muscular to the extreme. Gangs of New York has been labeled as a modern day classic and has been pigeonholed with films like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. If you were to stick a label on Scorsese it would be triple X.

The Cohen Brothers

The Cohen Brothers

The Cohen Brothers

If you like your movies made to perfection and paying homage to cinema as a whole then look no further than the works of the Cohen Brothers. Their movies are meticulously crafted with carefully sculptured dialogue that keep the audience transfixed throughout. During their formative years their films were fairly low budget and very niche, movies such as Fargo began an underground swell of appreciation and the Cohen Brothers had found a niche of their very own that had a cult following. Today they are famous around the world and producers will more or less back anything they have a hand in or touch as far as movies are concerned.

Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is quite unique and almost a one off, he has directed many Hollywood movies but is quite independent in his own right. His choice of casting is also quite brilliant offering choosing actors that would appear at first unsuitable for the role.

He makes movies that the public want to see, many almost feel-good types movies such as Ocean’s Eleven and Erin Brockovich. But does not alienate Soderbergh from making films that have more grit such as Full Frontal and Solaris. His successful partnership with George Clooney has paid dividends both for the actor and himself. We continue our look at some of the best film directors in the world in part two of our blog.