2019 Oscar Buzz

2019 Oscar Buzz

Its that time of year again when the absolute Hollywood elite put on their best tuxedos and display their custom made dresses on the red carpet. The award show to beat all awards shows – the 91st Academy Awards formerly known as the Oscars are days away. This year audiences will decide between classic ‘Oscar bait’ emotionally charged cinema as well as deciding which blockbuster action feature was the greatest. With some unexpected titles making the list as well as some superb animated venture being celebrated its all up for grabs once again. Here are the awards that everyone is keeping their eyes on as well as the reason the contender’s have worthy opponents.

Best Sound Editing

Though the layman may dismiss this as a sub technical category, the editing of sound in a film is drastically important. With musical numbers being seen all over the nominations, getting the sounds right is clearly important. No other film stands out in this category more than John Krasinki’s directional debut ‘A Quiet Place’. This unconventional horror uses sound as its point of terror as a family survives in near silence thanks to sound sensitive monsters. The sound is key to this film and so its expert editors should be recognized by the academy.

Best Visual Effects

This category is awe inspiring year after year and a tough one to decide on. With Effects heavy sci-fi spectacles like ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and Avengers: Infinity War, its going to be tough to whittle it down to one. However, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ seems to have an upper hand since the techniques and sheer length of fully CGI scenes are much more reliant on the superb tech than its competition and utilizes it in leaps and bounds.

Best Animated Feature

Disney and Pixar usually pick up this one. With a groundbreaking studio under their belt its no wonder their family friendly features grab awards yearly. This year however they have strong competition from Wes Andersons charming and hilarious stop motion ‘Isle Of Dogs’ and even more so from Sony’s fan pleasing powerhouse ‘Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse’ that seems to be adored by superhero fans everywhere.

Best Actress

Best Actress

This category has some surprises in as Melissa McCarthy takes a non-comedic role and newcomer Yalitza Aparicio goes straight in on her debut role in ‘Roma’. Similarly, Olivia Colman is up for her risqué role in ‘The Favourite’ which isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Glenn Close also could take away the prize for her dramatic performance in The Wife.

Best Actor

The ones to watch out for are the transformative roles here. Chameleon actor Christian Bale eerily shape-shifted into Dick Cheney for ‘Vice’ convincingly well. Though the battle is fierce thanks to Rami Malek’s unbelievably accurate imitation of Queen’s frontman in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Best Picture

This is the prize that everyone wants – the apex of awards. Best picture this year features previously mentioned titles as well as musical ‘A Star Is Born’. More sidesplitting and socially relevant is Spike Lee’s latest joint ‘BlacKkKlansman’, which will surely spark great debate. The real shocker this year is superhero romp ‘Black Panther’ that ticks all the same boxes as the many comic book films before it yet somehow has garnered great recognition. It wont be long until the new masters of film are crowned with their achievements, the Oscars commences oat the end of February.